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Hide details for 10.0.1 FP210.0.1 FP2
ASHEB9ZF6YDesigner does not restore working sets after restart. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10
GFALB2AHG6Designer - Fixed a problem where the Short Cut keys were not working in LotusScript editor. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
MAVAB8EQWPXPage - button click event causes error "com.ibm.xsp.FacesExceptionEx2: CLFAD0377E: No component found with ID $$ajaxid=@none to handle the partial...
Hide details for 10.0.1 FP110.0.1 FP1
DDOOB69PP9Xpages: Fixed the issue where Column label was missing from the View Control. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1FP10
DCONB5MKZL Fixed the issue in Lotus script editor where newly added Lotusscript classes were appearing in ALLCAPS.
Hide details for
AGUD7LPRDWFix prevents crash when Database.createCollection method is called on an unopened Database.
PALT9Z3NZ8XPages: Fixed a problem where error "this.editor.getData is not a function" would be displayed when within a tabbed table and there is a onClientLoad...
RGAU9R2HWBFixed an issue where customizing the toolbar in the Rich Text Control of Xpages does not work with Partial Refreshes in Notes. This is a regression...
Hide details for 10.010.0
KHRLAQANMHFixed a Lotusscript crash issue creating A Notes View Entry Collection With More Than 33,000 Entries
RGAU95TE2ZXpages - Fixed a crash on Domino server - Various internal messages and errors surfacing from server while sorting and unsorting columns within an...
MNAA9RL6Z7Fix prevents disappearance of documents from a categorized View in XPages when twisties are collapsed/expanded and some of the documents have Readers...
ADC8Q7THA Fixed a LotusScript Editor crash that could occur in LSEESessionInstance::checkSyntax
GMAM9BTJSBFixes an issue where the source language dropdown combo is not functioning correctly in the Application Properties XPages editor. Selecting a...
LHEY9D6DSFFixes issue where ipening a design element via shelling out to Designer.exe does not work.
PHAN9E4HUHXpages results in an error: "The runtime has encountered an unexpected error.
Error source
IISA9KQF7KFixes issue where changes made to the Allow Domino Data Service with a Notes Client that is pre 8.5.3 are not maintained. This is a companion fix to...
MKINAXNM6VResolved a memory overwrite in WriteJavaScriptMethods(). This is a followup fix for MKENAQGJ2P. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1...
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP9 9.0.1 FP9
IFBTAHWBLVFixed a crash exporting a view as DXL
IFBTAHXDYYFixed a DXLExport failure with the error "Note item not found"
RGAUAMFPU4Fix an issue in the Domino Designer where umlauts are scrambled.when opening a server side JavaScript Library, then pressing CTRL + Z...
RGAUA4SHWEFix a Domino Designer crash when the option "Use Binary Dxl For Source Control Operations" is unchecked.
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP8 9.0.1 FP8
JGRN84PJJFFix intermittent client crashes using the Notes Client together with OLE apps
Hide details for  9.0.1 FP7 9.0.1 FP7
RGAU9XUMQPFixed an issue that would cause corrupted attachments when using the Notes API to export data. This was reproducible with the Archiving-API sample...


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